Coffee & Vending Field Service Management Software

The coffee shop boom has hit the workplace

Asolvi helps you become the office coffee service provider that coffee-loving workers want you to be.

Office coffee providers have one main goal: sell more coffee

Pay-per-cup is growing, but equipment and ingredients sales are still providers’ lifeblood.

Our tools drive vending excellence

Asolvi software sharpens service processes so that you can deliver better beverages and keep customers coming back for more.

Want to guarantee great coffee in the workplace?

The world wants more coffee. Companies that provide coffee & vending services to offices and public sites are rushed-off-their-feet busy, which is great. But as the competition rises, providers need a USP that makes them stand out from the coffee crowd. Asolvi can give them one.

Coffee & vending providers tell us:

With many years serving the coffee & vending industry under our belt, we understand your challenges — and your bottom line.

Our software puts all your asset data is in one place so that it’s easily surfaced by the people who need it. This includes serial numbers, installation dates, locations, service history, problems and profitability. The data is fully integrated with our maintenance planning and invoicing tools so that you have full control over what’s happening with your assets at all times.

Our software lets you track and comply with all SLAs across your machine base by centralising and integrating your contract data and maintenance processes. Jobs are prioritised automatically according to contractual rules so that you can stay on top of response times.

Our contract and job management tools feed key data directly and automatically to our invoicing modules. This means that any complexity associated with having so many SLAs to consider is eliminated.

Our flexible contract management tools enable you to easily define a variety of cost calculation and invoicing frameworks. This means our system is set up for both traditional time-and-materials contracts and all-inclusive pay-per-cup contracts.

For most office coffee providers, ingredients are the biggest revenue stream. But they soon become a cost when ingredients are not properly charged for due to poor stock controls and lost paperwork. Our mobility solution facilitates real-time data exchange between field workers and back office teams, eliminating the need for paperwork. Our fully integrated stock management tools ensure that all ingredients are tracked and nothing gets missed.

Empty machines directly impact provider and customer profitability alike. Our systems make it easy to plan replenishment in advance while our mobility solutions keep engineers on the road. Our efficient call handling systems and self-service customer portals also make it quick and easy for customers to request replenishment when they need to.

Our mobile software allows engineers to register meter readings, automatically updating the system. Our easy-to-use reporting tools allow you to automatically surface machine sales and profitability data in a matter of minutes.
Asolvi is a top provider of service management software for the coffee & vending industry

For decades Asolvi has helped providers delight their customers with fully stocked and functioning vending machines and great-tasting cups of coffee. Our software simplifies service processes and controls costs, letting you focus on making sure your customers get the snacks, sweets and beverages they want, when they want them.

Sell more coffee with our tools

Advanced contract & asset management

Our software centralises all asset and service contract data and integrates it with the rest of your service chain. When maintenance is planned, invoices are compiled and reports are generated, key data automatically goes where it needs to. You get visibility of your entire machine base, full SLA tracking, and the ability to define various contract types and invoicing methods with ease, including pay-per-cup. You save time and errors by no longer relying on paper, spreadsheets and siloed point solutions.

Fully integrated stock management

Manage suppliers and multiple warehouses and track all parts and ingredients with full transparency. Our stock management software makes your logistics and inventory processes considerably more accurate and cost-effective and ensures that no ingredients sales are missed.

Replenishment planning & scheduling

Keep all vending machines running optimally with intuitive tools that allow you to plan replenishments and maintenance works in advance, and sophisticated scheduling that allocates suitable engineers automatically.

Enterprise mobility for field engineers

Engineers receive and complete jobs electronically, in real-time, using our platform-independent mobile software. This eliminates paperwork-based errors and delays and ensures that all ingredients sales are properly recorded. It also keeps engineers moving from appointment to appointment, maximising productive time.

Helpdesk functionality

Our helpdesk software makes managing support and replenishment requests easy and efficient for provider and customer alike. This is thanks to centralised information and automated progress updates and reminders for high-priority tasks.

Customer self-service

Customers are able to make replenishment requests directly through our self-service web portals, reducing the number of calls to the back office. They also get more control and transparency thanks to 24/7 access to service histories, meter readings, machine information and job status, positively impacting customer satisfaction.

Automated reporting

Detailed reports on vending machine sales are compiled at the touch of a button with our automated reporting tools, offering excellent profitability insights and fuelling stronger sales decisions. Reports on costs, contracts, assets, parts, ingredients and more are available so that you are better equipped to manage resources.