Fire & Security Field Service Management Software

Fire safety and security are top-of-mind, never more than now

Asolvi helps you compete in a fast-moving market dominated by high-stakes, accountability, technological advancement and constant calls for better standards.

It’s a thriving market, but there are challenges

Increased demand is driving growth but a shortage of field engineers is inhibiting it. It’s causing providers seek ways of making their existing workforce more productive.

Our tools lay foundations for fire & security growth

Asolvi software comes with features tailor-made for fire & security providers, empowering you to grow in a consolidating industry.

Want to make your service as smart as your security systems?

Now that fire and security systems can do so much more, providers are under pressure to ensure that they do. But it’s not just about rock-solid maintenance. It’s about letting customers know what they’re getting for their money. Make your service management smart and you’ll be in a great position to do both.

Fire & security providers tell us:

Over the years we’ve worked closely with external partners to build features specifically for the fire & security industry. That’s why we’re better at understanding where you are and where you want to go.

Our software gives you much better control and visibility of your fire & security assets. This lets you provide customers with the level of detail they require to understand your value proposition.

Generic ERP systems don’t provide the information that fire & security providers need and copious manual work is required to fill the gaps, making growth difficult. At the same time, specialist fire & security solutions are often not flexible enough to allow for scaling up. Asolvi software solves both problems by offering broad-scope service management functionality and market-specific customisations.

Our software eliminates paperwork, makes key data instantly accessible by all who need it, and enables real-time communication between back office staff, field teams, suppliers, warehouse operators and customers. This creates more time for billable work and increases average numbers of tasks completed per day, helping to offset the current shortage of field engineers in this sector.

Our software has a dedicated area for inputting and storing the required certification documentation electronically for each security installation. Custom tabs and advanced inspection checklist builders for burglar and smoke alarms, CCTV, access control systems etc. make key data on compliance and legal requirements available to all who need it. You also get critical industry-specific reports such as false alarm analyses and maintenance performance statistics.

With centralised information, automated scheduling, extensive enterprise mobility capabilities and a sophisticated system of automated alerts and reminders, providers are well-equipped to shorten response times and always adhere to SLAs.

Our software improves billing accuracy and reduces billing time from days or weeks to minutes. It does this by instantly capturing job data in the field, automatically calculating job and service contract costings and feeding all necessary information to our invoicing module. We can also integrate with your financial software, allowing you to work off one unified platform.

Our implementation cycles are much shorter than other broad-scope field service software applications that do not have our fire & security customisations.
Asolvi is a top provider of service management software for the fire & security industry

Companies that install and maintain access control systems, fire and intruder alarms, CCTV, fire suppression systems and integrated smart solutions get the best of both worlds when they partner with Asolvi. They get broad-scope software that’s more flexible and scalable than market-specific products. But they also get special functionality for fire & security providers, carefully developed over decades of working in this industry.

Put out more fires with our tools

Asset & contract management

Detailed information on customers, assets, service contracts, assignments and certification is securely and centrally held in our systems, easy surfaced by the people who need it. This gives you much better control and visibility of your installations. It also enables you to give customers more transparency of the systems and services they’re paying for, and a better understanding of their value.

Maintenance & resource planning

Our software enables you to comply with SLAs and shorten response times in a response-critical environment. Preventative maintenance appointments are automatically generated in our systems, letting you plan resources in advance without the rigour of paperwork and manual processes. Automated scheduling tools take further pressure off your planning team by assigning preventative and reactive maintenance work to the appropriate engineer based on geography, skill set etc. Fully integrated parts management ensures that your engineers are always equipped when they arrive on site.


Our systems are pre-configured for inputting and storing all relevant certification documentation for your fire & security installations. This saves your teams from having to generate the documentation manually in a separate system. Easy access to this documentation in the office and the field gives you better control over installations and helps you provide a better service to customers.

Enterprise mobility for field engineers

Our software can offset pressures caused by the current shortage of field engineers in this sector by giving the productivity of your existing workforce a powerful boost. Engineers complete and sign off jobs using a simple, intuitive interface on their mobile devices, significantly streamlining their workflows and increasing the number of jobs completed per day.

Compliance & reporting

Legal requirements can be accessed in the office and the field via custom tabs pre-configured for different fire & security installations. Inspection checklists can be generated using just the serial number of the asset being inspected. You can also create reports required for audit compliance such as false alarm analyses and maintenance performance statistics.


Data is sent instantly from the field to our invoicing module, where job and service contract costings are automatically calculated according to contractual rules. Invoices are pre-loaded with all relevant figures and customer data, ready to be sent out. This eliminates delays and errors that result from using small-scale ERP software or paper-driven systems, improving cash flow.


Our software can integrate with various accounting and payroll applications, making it easier to calculate salaries and secure the right pay, and ensuring that your financial information is always up to date.

Project management

Project managers can get live updates on how installations are progressing through our projects module. They can create estimates, plan resources, view deadlines and see how much time has been spent on a project, both internally and in the field.

Helpdesk & customer self-service functionality

Our fully integrated helpdesk makes logging and managing service calls easy and efficient for provider and customer alike. Our self-service web portal goes one step further, reducing calls to your offices while giving customers more control and transparency.

Accelerated implementation

The fact that our software is customised for the fire & security industry means our implementation cycles are much shorter. If you were to deploy a field service management system without our sector-specific features, you’d need to invest significant amounts of time configuring the system for compliance and certification purposes.