Why Partner with Asolvi?

Automated Workflows

Asolvi’s technology does the heavy lifting so your service teams don’t have to.

Through powerful paperless automation, we empower you to make field service your front line for customer loyalty.

Our end-to-end solutions are smart, fast and take the pressure of your teams.


Asolvi puts all of your data in one place, easily surfaced by the people who need it, when they need it.

We integrate with countless
3rd party products to make the flow of data across your business seamless.

Our scope for integration improves collaboration between departments.

Industry-Specific Features

Asolvi collaborates with customers and industry leaders to enhance our products for different markets. 

We hire people who’ve worked in those industries for years to deepen our understanding of providers’ needs and goals.

Our top priority is making our software more useful to the industries we sell it to.

Scalability &

Asolvi makes it easy to add new users, assets and customers and get 360° visibility fast.

Powerful efficiency gains and a wide scope for integration help businesses make acquisitions and branch into new areas.

Our foundation-laying platforms empower you to adapt, expand and innovate.

We're proud of our history


Founded in 1991 in Trondheim, Norway’s technology capital, Evatic has turned countless field service operations across Europe into profit centres. The Evatic product is particularly strong in Europe’s documents & imaging sector, where Evatic’s deep ties with manufacturers and resellers have spawned tools essential for MPS excellence.


Tesseract was formed in 1985 in High Wycombe in the UK to develop software for the field service industry at large, from HVAC to kitchen equipment. It garnered global renown for having one of the strongest platforms there is for core functionality, offering far greater flexibility and scalability than market-specific alternatives.

WS Software

Founded in 1984 in Stockholm, Sweden, WS Software brought us WinServ, a popular service management solution and the work of a uniquely collaborative partnership with customers. WinServ is famed for offering powerful broad-scope functionality along with vital market-specific customisations, particularly for the fire & security industry.

Vantage computing

In 1992, Vantage Computing was formed in Hitchin in the UK to meet the needs of the MPS, managed services and office technology markets. Vantage has engineered tools that give users proactive control over key service management functions and are known worldwide for their user-friendliness.

Purpose software

In just eleven years, Purpose Software became the leading provider of service management software for the documents & imaging industry in the UK. Its two powerful products, 2SERV and CBS, were envisioned and cultivated by experts with over 30 years’ experience in this space and have become industry standards.

Make Field Service Work

Asolvi is bringing the field service sector into the 21st century with world-leading solutions that increase competitiveness in all aspects of your business.

We specialise in unshackling your service teams from routine and administrative tasks and empowering them to drive your organisation in interesting new directions.

Through end-to-end workflow automation, systems integration and field service mobility, we facilitate business-wide improvements that transform small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into the service providers of tomorrow.

The European leader in field service management for SMEs

Asolvi is the offspring of five long-standing and globally renowned field service management companies, Evatic, Tesseract, WS Software, Purpose Software and Vantage Computing.

We came together to bring much-needed consolidation and stability to the industry and more ably meet the future demands of modern service providers.

Backed by decades of experience boosting operational efficiency and effectiveness, Asolvi is now the go-to provider of field service management software for SMEs in Europe.